One of the main things Australia is known for is Vegemite, so I knew that I had to try some while I was there.  I got the scoop on how it should be eaten because apparently, if you just try to eat it by itself, you will be turned off from it forever.  I was told to eat it on buttered toast with just a thin layer of Vegemite on top.  So I tried it and, to be honest, I really did not enjoy Vegemite.  it just tasted salty and weird and I’m a fan of sweet things for breakfast and am used to putting cinnamon and sugar on my toast in the morning.  So Vegemite wasn’t my thing, but I did bring some back for my family to try.  My brother’s response was “what is wrong with Australians and why would they eat this.”  Meanwhile, I do know a few people who tried it and ended up really liking it.  Interestingly enough, enough U.S. exchange students enjoyed putting cinnamon and sugar on their buttered toast enough that a lot of the Australians got into it and soon enough, the dining hall staff was putting a cinnamon-sugar mix out with every meal.  I thought it was cool the way we exchanged a sort of cultural practice there and were able to leave a bit of our U. S. culture with the people living in my dorm.

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