While I saw a lot of awesome animals and ecosystems on my trip, at the end, I did do the standard tourist sightseeing and saw the Sydney Opera House.

It’s incredible how many years went into making this structure (16 years).  It consists of three parts: the Opera Theater, the Concert Hall, and the restaurant.  The concert hall is the largest of the three parts and, while on a tour of the Opera House, I was able to sit in and observe a small portion of a rehearsal of the Australian Ballet’s rendition of The Nutcracker.

When I was in Melbourne, I went along the Great Ocean Road, a road with many tourist attractions along the way, as well as nice beaches and cute little towns to stop in for lunch at.  I also saw the Twelve Apostles, a group of massive limestone monoliths that were separated from the mainland.  There might have been twelve originally, but there are definitely more than twelve if you go further down the road.

This picture doesn’t even do them justice.  They were amazing to look at.  You also can’t see them all from this picture, but there were two more behind the part of the rock I was standing on and more further down that are blocked by the first few monoliths.  While it was a very tourist-y spot, especially at sunset, which is when we got there, it was definitely worth going to because the sight of all of them with the ocean behind them was incredible.  I was also able to go down on the beach and, before the tide got too high, put my feet in the water.  This is where the Southern Ocean borders Australia, on the southern coast.  I feel happy to be able to say that I have been in the Southern Ocean, since not many people have been, as far as I know.

It’s strange to think that while I feel like I had a very fulfilling trip to Australia and was able to take classes there, live in a primarily Australian community on campus, went scuba diving, visited the rainforest, and was even able to visit the most popular sites, such as the Opera House and the Great Ocean Road, I still feel that I could travel and experience more.  I definitely want to go scuba diving more and possibly visit Ayers Rock in Uluru, as well as visit more rainforested areas, Tasmania, and Phillip Island, where Little Penguins, the smallest penguins in the world, are inhabitants.  I suppose the only solution is to start saving and head back to Australia.  Trip number two, here I come!

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