The Bush

Welcome to the bush.  In Australia, “the bush” essentially refers to any rural, undeveloped land.  This is an area that was basically halfway to the outback.  It is more inland than Townsville or Cairns, which are very close to the coast.  Once you get out here, you are in the middle of nowhere.  There was a certain point where we reached a small store and gas station that had a sign saying that it was the last gas for thousands of kilometers.  Luckily, I was traveling the other way toward the more populated cities, but it was clear that getting stuck out here would not be good.  The store was named “Oasis,” appropriately so.  Out here we also saw the site of an old volcano that had been overgrown with grass and trees.  A lot of what was out here was dryer climate trees and shrubs and red rocks.  When driving, you are also on the same road the entire time and I ended up just passing a lot of cows feeding on the side of the road.  They seemed fine, but we did see a sign that said, “Beware” and had a picture of a cow pushing over a vehicle.  Apparently they can get excited.  Fortunately, I did not have to witness this, however.  I also found it funny that there were also a large number of huge termite mounds.  When driving past these and all the cows, after a while it became difficult to tell the two apart because they appeared to be the same color and height and, when you’re looking at the same things over and over again, they have a tendency to blend together.  I suppose that’s the bush for you, though.

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