Scuba Diving

While in Australia I took a scuba diving certification class.  This is me in all of my scuba gear.  Once certified, I was able to dive on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Cairns and later on a shipwreck that was a little bit north of Townsville, where I was for most of my time in Australia.  Unfortunately, I do not have any underwater photographs to show off, but I did see the most amazing things while underwater.  I saw numerous sea turtles (mainly loggerheads and green turtles), nudibranchs, brittlestars, a huge variety of fish, sea snakes, sea cucumbers, anemones, corals, stingrays, and I even got fairly close to a large nurse shark that was resting in the shipwreck.  Watching these creatures for yourself underwater in their natural habitats was the most amazing thing.  I think that scuba diving was one of the most rewarding things that I was able to take away from my experience.  Of course, now I feel spoiled because after diving on the Great Barrier Reef for my first few dives, I feel that nothing that comes after will be able to compare, at least nothing close to here.  One of the main reasons that I would go back to Australia would be to scuba dive there again.

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