Different Names

In Australia, a lot of the products are the same but I found that the names are all slightly different.  For instance, jello is called jelly and raisins are called sultanas.

For the longest time, when people referred to sultanas, I could not figure out what they were talking about and, as they don’t use the word raisins often at all, they were not able to easily tell me.  When referring to what we would call “jelly” they usually use the word “jam” instead.  Even some famous cereal brand names that are well known have been changed slightly for Australia, though they are still similar enough for us to know immediately what type of cereal they are.

There are also a lot of sayings that people in Australia use that we do not.  I always remember people saying “hey?” in place of our “what” so when that was first said to me, I thought that I was being greeted again and was thoroughly confused.  Oops!  Their accents are also not too difficult to understand, though some people have extremely thick “bogan” accents that are difficult to understand.  The main thing, however, is that they do not pronounce ‘r’s when they are not the first letter of the word.  This sometimes confused me, but I learned to pick up what they were saying fairly quickly.  They also are well known for saying “no worries” and refer to things like sunglasses as “sunnies.”  Most of their abbreviations seem to just be cuter versions of ours with the “-ie” added to the ends of words as a form of shortening.  They also consistently use words like “keen” and “heaps.”  All of these phrases and words were a little bit difficult to get used to at first, but then I picked them up.  The sad fact, however, is that I feel like I’m already starting to forget them, having been back in the US for a while now and because I’m not hearing them regularly anymore.

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