Green Ant

I apologize that this is not the best photograph, but this is a Green Weaver Ant.  These ants are primarily located in the northern part of Australia.  I saw them all over Queensland, including on my campus.  This social species of ant makes its nests by weaving large leaves together.  It does this by having many ants hold the leaves together while another ant uses one of the larvae to produce an adhesive substance with which to hold the leaves together.  It requires a great deal of coordination.  These ants are also known for making chains to get down to a lower surface.  The ants just start climbing on one another until the chain of ants reaches their destination.

On a complete side note, I had heard from multiple people that their gaster (the last part of their abdomen) tastes a little bit sour.  I later learned that the aborigines would collect these for various uses, ranging from making jams, to being used as cold remedies.  If I ever get back to Australia (which I hope I do) I am definitely going to lick a green ant abdomen to see.  One of the problems, however, is that they are very defensive of their nest and when they are ready to attack you with a painful bite, they put their abdomens up in the air as an indicator.

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