Scrub Turkey

I felt that, while the ecosystems and plants and animals were all different in Australia from what we have here in the U. S., I really felt that the birds were drastically different.  It is actually one of the main aspects of Australia that I miss the most in terms of both the birds’ colorations and vocalizations.  This is a scrub turkey or a brush turkey.  I saw these all over campus.  What I find most interesting about them is that their tail is flat, and is vertical, as opposed to being horizontal as our turkeys’ tails are.  While these birds seem surprisingly clumsy, they would still be found perched up in low branches of trees every so often.  Their waddles are bright yellow, while their heads are red.  The males are more brightly colored than the females for sexual selection and a brighter waddle gives the turkey a greater chance of reproductive opportunities.  Their nests were also all over campus.  These were essentially made by kicking fallen leaves into piles.  There was never a day where I wouldn’t pass at least one scrub turkey kicking leaves to add to a nest.  This bird was another commonly seen bird that will always be very characteristic of Australia.

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